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Retainers done right.

It has always struck me as odd that orthodontists spend 12-24 months telling patients to swap out clear aligner trays every week or two, or change out rubber bands on brackets every 4 weeks, and then treatment "ends" and they say, here is a retainer that you must wear for the rest of your life. As if every single patient hasn't seen first hand how disgusting their trays are after 2 weeks. And as is every orthodontist hasn't seen first hand how non-compliant most patients are.

Plus, referring to a treatment end date implies a level of finality that just doesn't exist with the human body. Change and movement is constant. Which is why relapse and re-treatment is such an issue.

This is exactly where RETAIN was born. At that cross-section of patient needs and orthodontic reality.

RETAIN is the first retainer subscription program that was built for everyone. While some companies help out the patient, others make it easy on the lab to continue selling, and others pay more attention to the orthodontist, we focus on all three. Here is what we mean:

  • Patients can manage multiple subscriptions across family members so they always have a perfectly clean and perfectly fitting retainer showing up to their door whenever they need it. Patients also have easy access to their doctor so if a need arises 1, 5, or even 25 years down the road, their relationship is intact.

  • Doctors can set retainer prices, invite their patients, passively manage patients forever (instead of just 2 years of treatment) and earn money on every single retainer sold. It's like a retirement plan without the paper work.

  • Labs can integrate into our system to fulfill orders, white glove when necessary, and build upon existing relationships with their customers.


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