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We keep your teeth straight. Forever. 

RETAIN protects your orthodontic investment by making it incredibly easy to keep wearing your retainers. 


You just customize your subscription so it's right for you, and then we'll ship the retainers right to your door.


Plus we keep your doctor in the loop so if there is ever an issue, we can get you help right away.  

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Why love RETAIN?




Retainers start gathering bacteria and germs immediately. Keep your mouth fresh and clean with bright and shiny retainers delivered on the regular. 



Set it and forget it. Our customizable subscriptions make it easy to get exactly what you need, when you need it; all delivered right to your door. Or grandma's door. Or your dorm room. 

Save  time & money


Keep it enjoyable to wear your retainers every night. And avoid the time and costs of relapse treatment. 

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You can always expect:

A perfect fit.


On time delivery.


Straight teeth.



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Start using RETAIN. 
Stop those teeth from moving.

The best time to start using RETAIN is when you want to stop your teeth from moving.

And it is just 4 simple steps to get going:

Looking for support? Check below for answers. 

Want to talk with a person? Please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours. 

  • How do I get going?
    It is SUPER easy to get going. Simply follow these steps: Create your account Determine your subscription pricing Invite patients within our system Watch your new revenue stream take-off.
  • Can I change retainer pricing later?
    YES! You can change your pricing at any time. However, please note that ALL subscribers will be alerted to the change, so make sure you are happy with the updates before saving your changes.
  • How hard is this to manage?
    Not hard at all! The whole point is to make it easy. Set-up takes about 5 minutes, inviting patients takes just a couple of moments, and then we handle the rest. We encourage patient retention. We handle fit issues. We make the retainers and ship. We help patients manage their accounts. We pay you 50% for every retainer purchased.
  • What do patients have to do?
    They receive an email when you invite them to RETAIN. Once they've accepted the invitation, they decide how frequently they want to receive retainers. From there, they manage their subscription just like any other online program. They can add users, change shipping location, update frequency, order on-demand, and more. Plus, they can manage multiple patient subscriptions within the same account. If they have a fit issue, they will alert us. We will then determine if the retainer is at fault or if they need a new scan. If it's a new scan, we will alert you to it.
  • Will I be hearing from my patients all the time now?
    Hopefully only to rave about how your treatment lasts forever! But seriously, RETAIN changes the way we think about patient retention. Typically in orthodontics, patients cycle in and out within 2 years. With RETAIN, patients can become patients for life. If they keep up with RETAIN, they will keep their smile as perfect as it was the day you finished treatment, forever. If they ever need a new scan, we will alert you right away. Your choice if you want to charge them for the scan.
  • How do I export STL files from my iTero?
    Login in MyiTero using your itero credentials - Select the Patients Tab from home page to search for the patient file Find/Select Patient’s Name Locate/select the patient's latest scan that you wish to export - a drop down with additional buttons will appear. Select Export A new window will appear-Change Data Format to "File per arch" and file type to "STL (no color)" Data Format and File Type as below then click “Export”: Files will be downloaded to the "Downloads" folder on your computer. Files will download as a zip - to unzip those files either right click on the .stl files and extract from folder or simply drag and drop those files to your desktop. Download this PDF for more.
  • What is the cost?
    There is an annual access fee of $1200.
  • How do I make money from this?
    You set the price of retainers for your patients. You earn 50% of that price for every retainer that your patients purchase, forever. To receive this money, we will prompt you to set-up a RETAIN Stripe account as part of set-up. You will receive money automatically into your bank account after every patient order. We also keep track of your earnings as part of your Practice dashboard.


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