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Modern Family + RETAIN

Retainer subscriptions are easy to manage when you have one adult, fulfilling their subscription for their one retainer, to the address where they live. But let's jump into the real-life story of RETAIN user Rebecca for her much more nuanced retainer needs.

Rebecca is a single mom of 3. Her ex-husband lives 20 minutes away, her eldest is at college, and her 16 and 13 year olds split time between mom and dad. All 4 of them (mom + kids) have had orthodontic treatment and are now using RETAIN to keep their hard work intact. How can they manage all of that???

Easy, with RETAIN's family accounts. RETAIN allows account owners to add users and give specific access. Dad can have access to the kids' retainer subscriptions, but not moms. Shipping addresses can be changed so each retainer always shows up at the right house. Payment methods can be adjusted and split. On-demand orders can be made when someone loses their retainer along the way. College students can manage care with support of their parents or on their own.

RETAIN is built for flexibility and function. After all, it has to work for you in order to work for you. Learn more about why patients love RETAIN here.

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